Day 1

After a very civilised start at 6.30am with every member of the party in possession of a passport, we departed for Belgium. As we arrived in Ypres the sun shone as we explored the re-built market square. Thereafter, students visited Flanders Field museum before departing for the battlefields through the Menin Gate.

We arrived at Hill 60 and made our way through the trenches. The students enjoyed the opportunity to walk through the original trenches with many jumping over the shell holes! We moved on to visit Tyne Cot, the largest British war cemetery in the world with almost 12,000 graves. Many students searched through the cemetery registers to locate their surnames. After the peaceful marble cemetery full of roses and country flowers, we moved on to Langemark which was a stark contrast to the atmosphere of Tyne Cot.

History completed for the day, we travelled into Ypres for chicken and chips. We are now resting at the hotel ready to explore the Somme tomorrow.








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